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Executive Producer, Skier

Perpetually stoked, Chris’s limitless energy fueled the Australis mission. He was the first person up in the morning and the last guy to bed. Chris’s biggest non-skiing accomplishment: beating writer Rob Story at cribbage... numerous times.

Chris lives in Aspen, Colorado, and is considered one of the world's most accomplished big-mountain skiers. A former alpine downhill racer, Chris made his mark in the freeskiing community when he won the 1996 World Extreme Skiing Championships in Alaska. In 2000, he managed to land on the podium in each Freeskiing World Tour event he participated in, and the next year he won his second World Championship at the 2001 Red Bull Snow Thrill of Alaska. In addition to his competitive prowess, Chris is the author of the book Ski the 14ers (Capitol Peak Publishing, 2007) he is contributor to several ski publications, and he has been featured in over twenty feature ski films, including those from Warren Miller Entertainment and Matchstick Productions.

Chris is also a TV reporter and commentator for ESPN, ABC Sports, and RSN TV. Under the auspices of his company, Davenport MountainSport Inc., Chris has organized numerous events, including ski photo competitions and the U.S. National Paragliding Championships. He is an avid mountaineer, with ascents of summits around the globe under his belt. > READ MORE >>

Director, Producer, Camera

Adventure cinematographer Jim Surette was the eye behind the lens on Australis. Jim enjoyed his time on-slope with the ski team, as well as being parked among the penguins and seals to get the long-lens shot. One of the highlights for Jim was nabbing the first descent of the DAM Couloir on the Sphinx with the rest of the “Digital Assets Management” team. 

Jim has worked in the television and film industry for over 18 years, during which time he has filmed prime-time and award-winning programs for the major television networks, including ESPN, NBC, CBS, MTV, FOX, and Discovery, and he has shot feature films for National Geographic Explorer, IMAX, Rush HD, The North Face, The Documentary Group (Peter Jennings Productions), and others.

From Mount Everest to Borneo, Jim has operated cameras in the world’s most extreme environments, keeping up with world-class athletes and adventurers to get his shot. Jim’s experience as an expert climber and skier allow him an inside perspective on the places and personalities he captures on film. Jim’s mountain skills enable him to single-handedly rig his own shots without the need of a large crew. He has worked as a camera operator for Discovery Channel’s hit show, The Deadliest Catch; National Geographic Explorer’s Surviving Everest; and Sony Pictures Classics' feature documentary Steep. > READ MORE >>

Stian Hagen



As one of his oldest friends and most-reliable ski partners, Stian Hagen is the first person Chris Davenport calls when he’s cooking up a new adventure. Stian is at once unflappable and light hearted – always ready with a quick joke. Upon reaching an Antarctic virgin summit, Stian quips, “I think I smell lunch in the boat.”

Stian was born and grew up in Oslo, Norway. He started skiing as soon as he could walk, and spent his child hood ski jumping and cross-country skiing. At the age of 19, Stian moved to Chamonix, France, were he skied many of the classic steep lines of the area, like the Mallory on the north face of Aguille Du Midi, the Corturier Coloire on the Aguille Du Vert, the east face of Matterhorn, and the Mont Blanc Tacul trifecta: the Coloire Jaeger, Gervasutti, and Diable. When Stian is not traveling for skiing, climbing, or surfing, he spends time in his home in Chamonix with his wife Andrea Binning


Andrea Binning can’t decide if she liked the skiing or the wildlife better in Antarctica. She was especially thrilled by the whales and seals – and seeing all the penguins outside of a zoo. As one of only two women on the boat, Andrea said she didn’t mind sharing the close quarters with eight other guys. “As a big mountain skier, I’m pretty used to those kind of ratios,” she said.

Andrea is originally from Melbourne Australia, and she began skiing at the age of 4. She started as an alpine race competitor and later moved into mogul skiing. Andrea was first introduced to the free skiing world at her first big mountain contest, the Red Bull Snow Thrill of Chamonix. She then went on to win the World Extreme Skiing Championships in Valdez, Alaska and several other big mountain contests, including the World Tour Finals in Les Arcs and the Red Bull Snow Thrill of Chamonix.

Andrea sees herself as being lucky to travel to so many amazing and remote places and be inspired by people that share the same passion. When Andrea is not traveling for photo and film shoots and to ski big mountain terrain, Andrea can be found at home in the mountains of Chamonix with her husband Stian Hagen.




Scott Simper is a veteran of the adventure and natural history film world, with a credit list that includes locations on every continent, in just about every possible environment. While shooting at the water’s edge for Australis, a leopard seal came right up to him, causing him to wonder how often they attack humans.  

Scott's work is distinguished not only for its beauty and his technical expertise but also for his willingness to take on the challenges of any situation or location with a smile. From rigging shots in difficult, tight locations to building and fixing equipment in inhospitable places, Scott is known as the cameraman to have on these difficult gigs.


Still photographer

Jackson, Wyoming-based photographer Greg Von Doersten has traveled the world while pursuing innovative, vital images that excite the viewer and tell a story. In the last decade, Von Doersten has performed advertising and feature assignments for Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, The North Face and many others.

Von Doersten provided some of the initial motivation for the Australis project and his excitement during the journey was contagious. Whether covering a climbing expedition in Greenland or executing a major advertising campaign for Benetton, Greg strives to create images that exceed his client’s expectations.


Ski guide, PA

Doug Workman, the Australis team ski and safety guide, was launched out of his bunk during the rough seas of the “Drake Shake” and was the only member of the crew to jump into the ocean (it was a hot day in Antarctica). Doug has worked as a ski guide, avalanche forecaster, and avalanche instructor for organizations such as the Utah Avalanche Forecaster Center, International Mountain Climbing School, and the National Outdoor Leadership School. He has completed Professional Avalanche Level 3, Winter Weather Forecasting, and the AMGA’s ski-mountaineering course, and he currently guides for Jackson Hole Mountain Guides, Alaska Mountaineering School, and High Mountain Heli. He has international ski-mountaineering and alpine climbing experience and has skied the Grand Teton many times, twice via the Otter Body.



Skipper Ben Wallis’s years of experience navigating polar waters were essential to the success of the Australis mission. Ben has sailed all over the world, including Greenland, Macquarie Island, the New Zealand Sub-Antarctic, South Georgia, the Chilean Channels, and Tahiti. This was Ben’s 14th trip to the Antarctic Peninsula—and a personal best for quickest time between Ushuaia and Antarctica.

Ben has been around or on boats since before he could walk. By the age of 16 he had sailed in the prestigious Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, sparking his interest in Southern Ocean sailing. In 1997 at age 18, Ben began sailing with his father as crew on yachts in Antarctica. Since then he has worked up to skippering both Ocean Expeditions yachts, 75-foot Australis and 48-foot Philos. He has worked alongside his father to develop the company, Ocean Expeditions, which now operates in both the Arctic & Antarctic Polar Regions.


First Mate

Skye Marr-Whelan’s interest in Antarctica was sparked at 16, when she went on a Russian icebreaker to Heard Island and East Antarctica, getting a taste for sailing in the Southern Ocean. Skye has made 14 trips to the Antarctic Peninsula since 2005, in addition to trips to South Georgia, the Chilean Channels, North Scotland, Norway, and Greenland. Skye is as adept at navigating icebergs in the zodiac as she is in the kitchen cooking up delicious meals for the crew.

Skye has crewed on yachts in the Chilean Channels, Antarctica and the Caribbean, mainly working with her partner for Ocean Expeditions and has just finished her fourth season working on the Antarctic Peninsula on yacht Australis. When Skye is not working on boats, she enjoys returning home to Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia and planning her next adventure.


On assignment from Outside Magazine

Rob Story joined the Australis team on assignment from Outside magazine. Read Rob’s article about his Australis experience here. Rob has worked with Outside magazine since 1988. His involvement in the outdoors industry goes back 20 years. He has written about adventure sports for NBCSports.com, The Los Angeles Times, Backcountry, Men's Journal, and Rolling Stone, among many others. He's a contributing editor for Skiing Magazine and also acts as Editor at Large for Bike and Powder magazines. His work, both excerpted and new, has appeared in the following major books: Faces: The 20 Greatest Athletes Now; Big Wave: Stories of Riding the World's Wildest Water; and The Great Life. He won the 2003 Lowell Thomas Award for wintersports journalism. He won the the Northern Lights Award in 2001 and 2005 for Canadian Travel Journalism. He's the author of the books Telluride Storys and Outside Adventure Travel: Mountain Biking (WW Norton). During the Austrails mission, Rob played countless games of cribbage and even got out for some skiing with the crew.


Editor, Associate Producer

Jeffery Morse spent so much time editing Austalis: An Antarctic Odyssey that it almost seems as though he were on the trip too. Based out of Santa Barbara, California, Jeffery is an award-winning producer, editor, and trainer specializing in post- production workflows and training for video and digital photography. He is the founder of deepfield, inc., a multimedia production company that designs, produces, and implements a variety of media from Flash-based websites to videos and interactive DVDs. Notable clients include The North Face, BMW, The National Park Service, Seymour Duncan, and the Hollywood Film Institute. Jeffery is the founder of SBFinalCut—the Santa Barbara Final Cut Community. For Apple, Jeffery is a Mentor Trainer for both Aperture and Final Cut Studio and has been featured at Macworld, DVExpo, WPPI, BEA, and the Jackson Hole Film Festival.

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